Councillors set to scrutinise NHS Fife’s huge £23m overspend

Fife Council to consider the Kingdom’s massive NHS overspend next week.
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy (Pic: Danyel VanReenen)Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy (Pic: Danyel VanReenen)
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy (Pic: Danyel VanReenen)

NHS Fife is staring down the barrel of a projected £23 million overspend by March 2024 and an indisputable £15.868 million overspend spanning the first six months of the financial year. Its finances are not linked to Fife Council budgets or spending, but Lib-Dem Councillors James Calder (Dunfermline South) and Jonny Tepp say the health board’s position is a matter of concern for residents in Fife.

“Some of these worries include concerns of staff being overstretched and access to services,” a motion to the council states. The duo will ask the council to consider writing to the Scottish Health Secretary requesting information on what support the Scottish Government are providing to resolve the situation with NHS Fife finances.

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"There is an enormous black hole in NHS Fife's finances, and this is endemic of the issues that the NHS is facing across Scotland,” said Cllr Calder. "With people already struggling to access services, there will be understandable worries amongst Fife residents about this huge overspend. I hope councillors can unite to send a message to the Scottish Health Minister that they need to step in and protect local NHS services."

The motion will be considered at the Fife full council meeting next Thursday.