Tour to let Fifers experience Dementia

Dr Maggie Ellis.
Dr Maggie Ellis.

A Virtual Dementia Tour, which gives people the opportunity to walk in the world of those living with dementia, will visit St Andrews on Tuesday.

Evidence suggests that the tour represents the closest a person with a healthy brain can come to experiencing what living with dementia might be like.

Dementia affects the brain, making it harder to remember things or think as clearly as before.

Supported by Dementia Friendly St Andrews, the tour bus will be located in Market Street throughout the day.

Dr Maggie Ellis, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of St Andrews, who is spearheading a new initiative aimed at making St Andrews a dementia friendly community, said the arrival of the Virtual Dementia Tour in St Andrews was an opportunity to heighten awareness of a condition that kills more people than heart disease or cancer.

“This is a great opportunity for people in St Andrews to find out what it is like to live with dementia,” she said. “We can make St Andrews a place where individuals living with dementia are recognised and accepted.”