Warning after break ins at Stratheden Hospital

Stratheden Hospital
Stratheden Hospital

Groups of vandals have been breaking into buildings at Stratheden Hospital, leading staff to issue a warning online.

People have been gaining access to the building more frequently over the last few months, breaking windows and ripping off boards to get inside, and then filming videos or taking pictures.

In one of the videos online, someone even managed to get a full drum set and amplifiers into one of the empty buildings.

Staff have confronted the groups, warning them of the dangers, but some have been met with threats and abuse.

Some of the buildings have been empty for around two decades – and there are concerns the vandals could be endangering themselves as well as staff.

“It’s been advertised as an abandoned hospital, but it’s not,” said lead nurse Gillian Gibson. “We have eight fully-staffed wards.”

John Wilson, senior charge nurse, added: “There have been reports on social media about accessing the old buildings at Stratheden. It’s caused a fair bit of disruption. There have been nurses out to deal with these people and they’ve been verbally abused and threatened.”

Staff are now urging people to stop breaking into the empty buildings, warning that the roofs and floors are starting to decay, there is no lighting, and there is a risk of asbestos being present.

Mr Wilson added: “Don’t come here because you’re putting yourself at risk going into buildings that have not been maintained and looked after for considerable years.”