Wellbeing hub success leads to launch in St Andrews

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The first community health and wellbeing hubs are opening their doors across Fife.

St Andrews was the second town to welcome the new unit after a successful pilot project in Dunfermline.

It opened its doors last week.

The aim is to co-ordinate health care services – and make it easier for patients who use different services.

The hubs allow health care workers to co-ordinate and make sure all care needs are being met by visiting one referral service instead of being moved between several different ones.

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Charlie Chung, development lead commented: “We have been trialling this way of working in Dunfermline for over 18 months, and the feedback from patients and staff has been very encouraging.

“If you have various health conditions and need to deal with a number of services, you end up answering the same questions over again.

“In the hub, we are able to streamline this and avoid duplication.

“It’s about all of us working together to ensure we get the best outcomes for people who are referred to us, and understanding what their needs are to help them stay well and healthy and in their own homes.”

Councillor David Graham, spokesman for Health and Social Care,  said: “Due to the success of the project in Dunfermline the service is looking at ways of rolling the good practice out across other localities in Fife.”

Anne McAlpine, clinical services manager, west division added: “I’m really proud of what we have achieved. Staff and patients have really embraced the change in how we are bringing together services and putting people at the heart of what we do, getting the service they need, in the right place and at the right time.

“We recently held a meeting with key people across health and social care in Fife to discuss how we can now roll this hub model of working out to all seven localities in Fife either from local community centres or local hospitals and everyone could see the benefits this brings and over the coming months we will be looking at ways to deliver these services as close to home as possible”