The paybox which sat at the main door remains a familiar landmark even 21 years after the building closed (Pic: John Murray).

Inside Kirkcaldy's ABC Cinema - closed and forgotten for 21 years

An entire generation of folk in Kirkcaldy have grown up without ever setting foot inside the old ABC Cinema in the High Street

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 9:05 am

It closed in 2000, and was largely forgotten about until the Kirkcaldy Kings Theatre Trust started the ambitious project to bring it back to life five years ago.

The cinema sits at the hear of a sprawling town centre complex which includes the YWCA – now the Kings Live Lounge – on the Esplanade, and a ballroom, which nestles between the buildings.

As work to install a robust temporary roof on the former cinema nears completion, we were given a tour inside to see the extent of the challenge that lies ahead in the bid to bring a once thriving building back into use.

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