40 per cent of Scots can't be bothered donating to charity

40 per cent of Scots can't find the time or be bothered donating to charity new figures show.40 per cent of Scots can't find the time or be bothered donating to charity new figures show.
40 per cent of Scots can't find the time or be bothered donating to charity new figures show.
New figures have shown Scottish residents admitting they can't find the time or can't be bothered to donate to charity.

These surprising statistics show that a vast array of clothing choice at great prices has resulted in large quantities of clothing wastage, with nearly 43 per cent of Scottish residents admitting to buying up to three new items a month and 21 per cent revealing they wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit twice.

These shocking statistics have been released today (September 1) to mark the launch of the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Bag It Beat It campaign, encouraging consumers to donate to BHF shops throughout the month of September.

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The money raised through donations will help around 670,00 people in Scotland fighting a daily battle with heart and circulatory disease and will help stop the deaths of around 1,250 people.

Kate Nightingale, consumer psychologist and founder of Style Psychology, said: “The social pressure of staying current, shopping as social activity, and natural changes in human identity lead people to purchase more clothing than they actually need.

“The limited risk, i.e. low price and high accessibility, make this common pass-time even more appealing to the reward centres of the brain.

“The BHF’s Bag It Beat It campaign offers not only more space in the wardrobe but allows for much needed catharsis and self-reflection in the process of clearing out. Top that with the psychological and social benefits of this sustainable and ethical activity and it should be a no brainer whether to get involved in Bag It Beat It or not.”

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Our survey also showed that the unlimited choice of high street and online shops has resulted in over 260 million pieces of new clothing items being purchased every month in the UK which equates to over 2 billion pieces of new items in the course of a year.

Yet Brits still continue to buy something new to wear five times a month and estimate the total cost of their wardrobe to be worth approximately a whopping £2,500.

The rise of social media has resulted in more self-conscious consumers, with 16 per cent of Scottish residents admitting that they don’t post images of themselves on social media wearing the same outfit twice.

Allison Swaine-Hughes, retail operations director at the BHF, added: “These results show us how important it is to think ethically and sustainably when buying and disposing of excess clothes. Our annual campaign, Bag It Beat It takes place throughout the month of September and this year we are hoping to receive one million bags full of unwanted items.

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“This campaign is a great way to encourage customers to donate any good quality items to BHF shops to help us to fund life saving research to beat coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer.”

The BHF’s Bag It Beat It campaign launched on September 1 and runs through to September 30. Customers are encouraged to donate good quality unwanted items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and more to BHF shops to reach a goal of one million donated bags this year which will continue to help fund life saving heart research. BHF also offer a free collection service making donating completely hassle-free.