60 years and counting for plumber's mate Maureen!

Maureen, third from left with Bill right, and her workmatesMaureen, third from left with Bill right, and her workmates
Maureen, third from left with Bill right, and her workmates
Not many people can say they have served with the same company for 60 years, but Maureen Simpson can!

Maureen (75), who lives in Woodside, Glenrothes, has been with Kirkcaldy plumbing firm Laing’s for six decades this Saturday, working in the family firm set up by the great-grandfather of current owner Bill Laing.

And she still has no definite plans to retire – although she now only works two days a week.

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Maureen works as a part-time administrator and customer adviser, and is now helping her third generation of customers in the business, although she mainly concentrates on making up the firm’s accounts these days.

And she has resisted the pressure to do everything on computer, prefering to write out the bills by hand, to be typed up.

“I have never felt the need to work on the computer because I can do everything I need to with a pen and paper – and it’s more reliable!” she said.

“I love working here and we are like a big family. I have been to Laing family weddings and birthday parties throughout the years, and they are like my family members.

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“It is a great firm to work for, so I have never wanted to move elsewhere. I have been considering retirement for health reasons, but I think I’d be lost without my work.”

Miss Simpson joined the firm when Bill Laing’s father ran the business from premises at the bottom of Milton Road, just days after leaving school in July 1956, when she was just 15.

Bill Laing added: “Maureen is a great employee and I think with her knowledge of the business she could be out fixing people’s plumbing problems quite the thing!

“She has a great relationship with the customers who all know her by name.”

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