A Dee-tour into life’s observations

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Jack Dee

Alhambra Theatre

FOR all his deadpan humour and world-weary cynicism, there’s a warmth about Jack Dee.

He’s comfortable and relaxed on stage as he recounts his ‘‘week from hell’’ in a running gag which brought the second half of this show to life.

His tales of chaos and disaster running from Monday through to Friday are all rooted in real life - observational humnour everyone can relate to.

Dee is at his best when talking about family life and the ‘‘joys’’ it brings - deep down I bet he’s an old softie really.

His observations about teenagers are spot-on, and the hassle of dealing with tradesmen brought a nod of familiarity from everyone in the crowd.

As comedy goes this was all entertaining, good stuff - first half was perhaps the weaker, but that may have bene down to the lack of a support act to perhaps break the ice.

And who knew JD was musical!

His encore came complete with a guitar and a sharp wee song which was Dee at his best.

I bet he left the stage smiling (secretly) as the audiecne headed home richly entertained.


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