A fresh look at what the Kingdom has to offer

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A NEW Fife-wide series of visitor guides has been launched.

The six 32-page brochures highlight the Kingdom’s many attractions and provide useful information on how to make the most of a visit to the area.

It is hoped the guides will raise the profile of the region as a destination for holidaymakers and daytrippers.

The guides, which have been commissioned by Fife’s Local Tourism Associations, part of the Fife Tourism Partnership, were officially launched at the VisitScotland Expo in Edinburgh this week.

Ken Lawson, chairman of the LTA chairs group, said: “The booklets are split into the six regions and each LTA is producing its own brochure to give a detailed insight into what’s going on in the area.


“We have 10,000 copies of each brochure and we have started putting them into libraries, hotels, tourist information centres and self catering premises.

“When you speak to visitors it is amazing as they often don’t really know what’s going on and what there is for them to see and do.

“We want people to know what’s going on in Fife and we’re hoping people won’t just visit the East Neuk or Dunfermline, but will instead visit and explore other areas of the Kingdom too.


“Fife has a great deal to offer tourists and many of our assets don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

It’s not just the well known attractions like the East Neuk fishing villages, Dunfermline Abbey, St Andrews and Knockhill that feature – Fife’s food sector, outdoor pursuits, shopping and entertainment scene are also included.

Mr Lawson added: “To be fair, the visitor perception of Kirkcaldy and Mid Fife is there is nothing to do, but there is plenty and that’s the good thing about these brochures.

“While people know a lot about some places in Fife, these brochures are bringing out in detail what the rest of Fife has to offer and saying Fife is open for business.”