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‘‘When it’s right, there’s a sense of something.”

Boo Hewerdine

LATE last year Vivienne Bern shared a stage with Boo Hewerdine - the songwriter’s songwriter and a musician with an impeccable pedigree.

As he came off stage at Eddy’s Bar in Kirkcaldy, he wished he’d brought along his best pal ... Eddi Reader.

Hewerdine’s gig was the highlight of a remarkable year for Vivienne which started with spots at open mic nights at Betty Nicol’s and culminated in the launch of a stunning new EP.

It was formally launched supporting Jake Colgan and The Liberty Roses at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh; another link carved out of Hewerdine’s remarkable musical network.

‘‘Boo was just out of this world,’’ said Vivienne. ‘‘Sharing a stage with him was amazing.

‘‘That night we realised we had something very special happening here.’’

The creation of a new music night at Eddy’s has opened the doors to many local musicians, and brought a new dimension to the Kingdom’s thriving acoustic music scene.

Vivienne was one of the many singer-songwriters who started out playing open mic slots at Betty Nicol’s before taking on the running of the new group.

Now she plans to focus on her own music while continuing to support the venue and the group which has gone from strength to strength.

Her four-track EP ‘Unravelling’ has already sold out its first batch of copies and more are being produced, but it only marks the start for the singer-songwriter in 2011.

Plans include a full CD, more gigs, and, almost certainly, more time in the spotlight. - there’s already a live radio broadcast planned for Eddy’s, and a second session with on Ally Gourlay’s ‘Art School Dancing’ show on Edinburgh station Leith FM.

Described variously as acoustic, folk-rock, Indie, and Americana, Vivienne is probably best defined simply as a singer-songwriter whose music reflects her life.

There’s an absolute honesty and open-ness about her lyrics, but the songs can still be interpreted in many ways.

‘Unravelling’ is ‘life written down’ ... ‘‘or me spilling my guts’’ as she put it!

Of the four tracks,. ‘Falling For Artemis’ has sparked the most comment for its candid and sensual approach to its subject matter. ‘‘I may need to take a cold shower once this finishes’’ joked Ally after playing it on his radio show.

‘‘People have said they can’t believe my honesty in writing it - but why not? It’s nothing that no-one else thinks! The words just come out, and I don’t have any fears about that.

‘‘People listening to the songs will then have their own view what I am singing bout and how it relates to them.

‘‘There are double meanings and treble meanings. There are stories to each song, and if you listen to them in sequence you will hear a theme, but the listeners will make up their own minds.’’

That openness is evident throughout the four-tracks on the new EP - the subjects are more personal than on her first demo which included ‘This Town’ written about her home town of Glenrothes after it was awarded the ‘Plook On The Plinth’ award

‘‘These new songs are totally different - more heartfelt. They are personal songs, and the idea is to complete the story by producing a full CD,’’ addded Vivienne.

‘‘I’m still writing and working on it and I’m going back into the studio to hopefully have it done by the end of the year. The aim is to get it professionally produced and printed and also available to download.’’