A ‘Titanic’ scoop for centenary exhibition

Linda Ballingall of Glenrothes Heritage Centre
Linda Ballingall of Glenrothes Heritage Centre

THE amazing local link with the world’s most famous shipwreck is to be marked at an exhibition in Glenrothes, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Glenrothes Area Heritage Centre will be staging the event to mark the centenary of the sinking of the ‘Titanic’.

The Countess of Rothes was one of those on board when the ‘unsinkable’ liner hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

She survived the disaster and was later feted for her part in the aftermath of the tragedy.

And the centrepiece of the exhibition - and a worldwide scoop for organisers - will be the first-ever showing of the memoirs she wrote while on the ship that rescued her.

GAHC are in the process of establishing a permanent centre, following a four week ‘pilot’ exhibition held in the Kingdom Centre in 2010 which attracted nearly 12,000 visiitors during its run.

The ‘Titanic’ exhibition will be another step along the journey to that becoming a reality.

Founder Linda Ballingall said: “Work on organising Glenrothes’ contribution to the global-wide events being planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ‘Titanic ‘ on 14/15th April, 1912 are well underway.

“In co-operation with Leslie Charitable Trust, the trustees of Glenrothes and Area Heritage Centre are organising an exhibition of photographs and archive film footage.

“The exhibition will also include the first-ever public viewing of the memoirs of Noel, Countess of Rothes, written onboard the ‘Carpathia’ after her dramatic rescue from No.8 lifeboat. “These memoirs make very poignant reading and bring to life vividly the events of that dreadful night when so many lost their lives”.

Also on show at the exhibition - which is scheduled to run for two months - will be other items from the Leslie/Rothes collection related to the ‘Titanic’.

A number of other events are being planned in tandem with the exhibition, details of which will be revealed in coming weeks.