Aladdin - a great fun-packed traditional panto!

Aladdin'Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline
Aladdin'Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

Aladdin: Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline - simply great fun from start to finish!

Aladdin: Alhambra Theatre (Until December 27)

Aladdin'Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

Aladdin'Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

I’ve seen a few of the Alhambra’s pantos, and this one is easily the best yet.

It’s got a lovely warmth to it, with plenty of audience involvement right from the start - and the kids in the audience on press night all had a ball. A very noisy ball!

Aladdin is a great, traditional panto, and this version sticks to the familiar story while ticking all the boxes with localised jokes, sing-songs, daft sketches, and some great characters.

Plenty for the bairns, and enough jokes aimed at the adults in the audience.

The show is in very safe hands with Joyce Falconer and Mark Hayden.

Falconer, star of ‘River City, takes two roles - the Empress and the Genie of the Ring - as well as writing it.

Her script brings everyone into the show - even the dancers have some cameos which add to the fun - which adds to the mix, and she has kept it as up to date as possible with a couple of gags about the Forth Road Bridge closure which, presumably, weren’t there when rehearsals first started!

Hayden directs and also stars as baddie Abanazar and gets it off to a rollicking start with instant boos from his young audience which he keeps rolling throughout the show.

Cameron Cunningham does a similar great job as daft-as-brush Wishee Washee - the laundry scene has been done many times before but it’s still fun, and you can’t go wrong with some good old messy slapstick! - and Stephen Docherty makes a great Widow Twankey.

The love story of Aladdin (Mark Wood) and Princess Jasmine (Jennie Evans-Snell) is done well throughout - it fits neatly into a wider show which pulls in everything from Britain’s Got Talent to Slumdog Millionaire, - while Michael Dylan as the Genie took them off script in true panto style as he bounded on stage almost out of breath.

All in all, it’s a fab and fun panto from start to finish - one that will be a winner with all ages.