Another '˜lead' part for pup idol Kym

A rescue Staffie who was once on doggy death row has achieved star status again after landing her second '˜lead' part in a stage show.
Kym (left) with Louise and the family's new addition Ted (Photo: Dave Scott)Kym (left) with Louise and the family's new addition Ted (Photo: Dave Scott)
Kym (left) with Louise and the family's new addition Ted (Photo: Dave Scott)

Kym, who’s almost four, fought off competition from seven other wannabe woofers at the weekend to scoop the title of ‘pup idol’.

She won the coveted role of Rufus the bulldog in the forthcoming production of ‘Legally Blonde’ at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh.

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Last March, she played Bill Sikes’ dog Bullseye in a production of Dickens’ ‘Oliver’ , also at the King’s.

But Kym might not have had a future at all had it not been for the charity Staffie Smiles and the Lessels family of Freuchie.

Kym had been found abandoned in April 2014 and was on the seven-day ‘put to sleep’ list when Staffie Smiles stepped in.

Having just lost their previous, much-loved rescue Staffie Dusty, the family were scouring the Staffie Smiles website and when they saw Kym with her distinctive black patch, it was a case of love at first sight.

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The family travelled to Dumfries to collect her and it didn’t take long for Kym to settle in, her gentle nature endearing her to everyone she met.

Playing the part of Bullesye gave Kym a celebrity status in the canine world and in the past year she’s proved to be a great ambassador for Staffie Smiles, helping to re-home a number of abandoned dogs.

Louise and her family - husband Bryan, daughter Emma (12) and son Jake (11) - have also fostered dogs and one, four-year-old Ted, captured their hearts so much that he’s moved in permanently.

“He’s settled in really well and is a great companion for Kym,” said Louise.

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“ It’s such a shame that Staffies have a bad press because they’re actually lovely, gentle dogs who make loyal family pets.

“It’s heartbreaking to think that thousands are put to sleep every year simply because they can’t find loving homes.

“We’re very proud of Kym as she’s a great ambassador for the breed.”

It was Kym’s biddable nature and eagerness to please that won over the judges at last weekend’s audition in Edinburgh.

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“She met the cast and we went through some basic commands without any problem,” said Louise.

“She was very calm and confident.”

Kym will play the part of Rufus, an English bulldog, in the production, which will be staged from March 16 to 19 by the Bohemian Lyric Opera Company.

She’ll be on stage alongside ‘Bruiser’, a chihuahua, who spends most of the show being carried in a handbag.

Staffie Smiles Rescue was founded in 2012 by a group of Staffordshire Bull Terrier enthusiasts horrified by the number of dogs ending up in local authority-run pounds through no fault of their own.

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The charity is run entirely by volunteers and depends on fundraising and donations for its work.

To help with the fundraising mission the charity is registered on, a free, nationwide service which aids causes and charities to reach their fundraising goals.

Because of the sheer number of Staffies taken into local authority pounds, so many end up on the ‘put to sleep’ list that it’s estimated that one healthy dog is put down every single hour in the UK.

To find out how you can help, visit

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