Appeal for information about historic Leven building

A picture from the opening of Arden House.A picture from the opening of Arden House.
A picture from the opening of Arden House.
The trustees of a charity, which operates a day centre for elderly people in Levenmouth, are appealing for more information about the history of the centre.

Arden House celebrates its 50th anniversary on April 21, marking half a century since the building started hosting projects for older people in the area.

Staff at Arden House Projects, which runs out of the building, hope to host a celebration in the summer, welcoming some of the people who have been involved in its history.

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However, while staff know the history of Arden House back to 1982, there is little information about the first 13 years it was running.

Now, they are appealing for people to come forward who might be able to fill in the gaps.

“We are working to find out more,” explained Amy Mathewson, chair of the board.

“But we don’t have any records back to that time and can’t find anyone who would know anything.”

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“We know right back to 1982, when Help was formed, but it is the 13 years before that.

“All we know is that it was called Arden House and was a facility for elderly people.”

The building was originally called Parkhill House, but was renamed as Arden House in 1969. Then, 13 years later, Help started running a project at the centre.

Then in the mid-90s, the organisation was renamed Arden House Projects.

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It now helps elderly people in the Levenmouth area who live independently but are at risk of social isolation due to complex health needs.

“It has been such an important facility in the area for the last 50 years and it’s getting more important because people are living longer now,” Amy said. “Every day we are getting referrals because people in the community need help.”

If you know more about the history of Arden House, please contact Amy on 01592 712515.