Baby of the Week: Abbi Drysdale

Abbi Drysdale
Abbi Drysdale

Abbi Drysdale was born on December 29, 2017 at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy at 1.58pm, weighing 9lbs 5oz.

The parents...

Jasmin Hutchison and Lee Drysdale.

The pregnancy...

Jasmin’s pregnancy was good in the beginning but started to get harder nearer the end with sciatica.

Abbi was six days late but mum had a short labour of six hours.

What sort of baby is she...

She is a very happy baby, loves to smile and loves being bounced in her bouncer.

She loves getting attention and kisses and cuddles from her big sister Sophie.

The name...

Mum got to pick her name as dad chose for their first daughter.

Mum has always loved the name Abbi and now dad does too.

Both Jasmin and Lee think it really suits her.

The proud grandparents...

Margot Boston and Gary Hutchison, Helen and Robert Drysdale

Anyone you’d like to thank...

Jasmin and Lee would both like to say thank you to their families and also friends for all the help and support they have received since having Abbi, especially both sets of grandparents.

They can’t wait for everyone see Abbi grow up into a beautiful, smart little girl like her big sister.