Baby of the Week: Charlie Doherty

Baby of the week Charlie Doherty.
Baby of the week Charlie Doherty.

Charlie Ian Doherty was born on May 20, 2018 at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy at 4.45pm.

The parents... Stephen and Kerrie Doherty

The pregnancy... Kerrie said her pregnancy was great for the most part. There was no complications at all and she said she was very lucky to not even suffer with morning sickness.

What kind of baby is he... Charlie is a content and laidback baby. Kerrie said he is very alert and is always full of smiles. He has only just started to sleep a little longer through the nights.

The name... Both Charlie’s first name and middle name (Ian) are both taken from his grandad’s names.

The proud grandparents... Charlie’s proud grandparents are Angela and Ian Johnstone and Karen and Charles Doherty.

Anyone you’d like to thank... Kerrie thanks everyone who has sent them gifts and cards, and their parents/immediate family for their help throughout her pregnancy.