Baby of the Week - Hunter Clayton

Baby of the Week Hunter Sandy Clayton
Baby of the Week Hunter Sandy Clayton

Meet our baby of the week Hunter Clayton.

Hunter Sandy Clayton was born at Victoria Hospital on January 1st, 2019. He weighed 9lbs 6oz.

The parents...

Mum Kerry Anderson and dad Jed Clayton.

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The pregnancy...

Our baby made an early entry to the world going into labour late New Year’s Eve. And born New Year’s Day. Chilled labour, felt great after and couldn’t wait to get his big brother to the hospital to meet him

What kind of baby is he?...

Such a happy and cheeky baby just like his brother

The proud grandparents...

Granny Laura and grandad William

Anyone you would like to thank?...

Granny Laura and grandad William helping with appointments and my mum being by my side through the labour form the beginning with the dad and my dad for watching my son while in labour with hunter. They were the number one supporters for the whole thing.