Baby of the Week - Jake Perry

Baby of the Week Jake Stephen Perry.
Baby of the Week Jake Stephen Perry.

Meet our Baby of the Week Jake Perry.

The parents...

Jade Russell and Jon Perry

The pregnancy...

Jade said that her pregnancy was actually pretty easy, with no morning sickness.

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What kind of baby is he...

Jake is a very good baby who’s not at all hard to handle. He eats 4oz every 3/4 hours and sleeps around 4/5 hours every night. He also loves a cuddle.

The name...

Jade and Jon chose his name as Jon’s mum was called Jackie, and was known as Jake. She passed away in 2011 so they wanted her to be a part of her grandson’s life.

The proud grandparents...

Jake’s proud grandparents are Melanie and Bruce Russell, Brian Perry and Jackie MacPherson.

Any thanks you’d like to give...

Jade would like to thank her mum and Jon for being great birthing partners and the midwives at Victoria Hospital.