Baby of the Week - Olivia Hood

Olivia Hood.
Olivia Hood.

Meet our Baby of the Week Olivia Hood.

Olivia Summer Anne-Marie Hood was born on June 28, 2018 at Victoria Hospital, KirKcaldy weighing 5lb 11oz.

The parents...

Victoria Johnston and Paul Hood

The pregnancy...

Victoria said that her pregnancy was okay up until the end when she experienced some complications.

What kind of baby is she...

Olivia has grown to be a great baby. She has plenty of smiles all of the time and is very happy.

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The name...

Victoria and Paul had picked either Olivia and Summer so decided on Olivia with Summer as her middle name.

The proud grandparents...

Olivia’s proud grandparents are Fiona and Derrick Scrimgeour and Ann Marie and James Wilson.

Any thanks you’d like to give...

Victoria and Paul would like to thank all midwives who looked after Victoria while she was pregnant and after she had Olivia. They would also like to thank all the people who got Olivia and their family gifts.