Band returns from ‘unbelievable’ US trip

Glenrothes band Tango in the Attic at SXSW festival 2012
Glenrothes band Tango in the Attic at SXSW festival 2012

GLENROTHES band Tango in the Attic have returned from an exciting week at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and are now gearing up for the release of their second album, reports KEVIN QUINN.

The SXSW music and film festival is where bands can make the right contacts and meet the right people in the industry, with around 2,000 acts from over 50 countries descending on Austin last month.

Tango in the Attic’s Jordan Craig looked back on their week spent in the US.

He said: “It was unbelievable. So, so good, a totally life-changing trip. It was just relentless, very intense. It’s similar to a really good festival, but in a city.

“Austin is the coolest city in the world. Just full of venues and bands playing. There was actually too much going on to see it all. And we had our own thing to do.

“We had a couple of gigs a day and press, so we didn’t have the chance to catch all the bands.

“We played eight or nine gigs. We went out there with six planned, but picked up a couple more. We had the odd interview here and there, but it’s hard to really gauge what’s what and who’s who with regard to the press over there.”

Jordan added that the band hope to return to the states, where their first album received a lot of exposure on college radio.

He said: “SXSW was a totally great experience. We are all gutted to be back home. It was just good being so busy doing what we love and feeling like you fit in.

“We definitely hope to get back to America this year, it’s in the pipeline. We met quite a few bands from the East Coast, so we might head there.”

Jordan also told the Gazette that the band’s management held meetings everyday with the music industry movers and shakers while in Austin, but as yet they haven’t heard any news.

And, a new press agency for the band has meant that their second album, ‘Sellotape’, has been put back until mid-May.

Jordan explained the album title and how it was to record it.

He said: “Sellotape was always the working title for it. We just liked the simplicity of the name. We actually wanted it as a band name a while back.

“Recording this album was awesome, it was really quick this time round.

“We started writing it in late October and blasted through 20 tracks. We went in before and after Christmas to record it. It was really intense.

“Everyday we started at 9am and finished at midnight. We knew we had to get through it to have it done before SXSW.

“Some songs we really had to think about, while others were very simplistic and stripped-back. So kind of a contradiction. We tried to have only the key elements in each song.

“We are really proud of it.”