Blame it on the boogie ...

disco ball'for tv col
disco ball'for tv col
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White suit. Check. Medallion. Check. Dancing shoes. Check. Allan Crow on TV’s return to the disco scene ...

(Friday, BBC4, 9.00 p.m.)
Altogether now - She is D, delirious. She is I, incredible. She is S, superficial. She is C, complicated. She is O, oh, oh, oh

One of the all-time great disco era lyrics, even if calling your girl superficial is maybe not the way to win her heart.

But disco was always about the boogie. Not the sunshine or moonlight - just the boogie.

So, dig out your white suit - c’mon there’s one lurking in the back of every wardrobe - polish your gold medallion, hook up that mirror ball and strut your funky stuff round the coffee table as BBC4 takes you back to the seventies when hair was long and clothes were flared, but everyone could tell the way you used your walk you were a woman’s man.

The joy of disco is captured in all its boogie-tastic glory in this night devoted to the genre.

Some of the music has stood the test of time and it’s a joy to hear from its greatest exponents - Nile Rodgers, Chic and Robin Gibb, not forgetting Donna Summer whose ‘I Feel Love’ had DJs in a right old spin!

The programme also celebrates the magnificent British Northern Soul scene, and then raids the Top Of The Pops archives for the sights and sounds of 1976.

London: Modern Babylon

(Friday, BBC2, 9.20 p.m.)

Julien Temple’s magnificent focus on London through the ages is one of tonight’s ‘must see’ highlights.

The footage from the archives dates back as far as 1980, but comes right up to date with last year’s riots for a panoramic view of a city where the bright lights still lure people south

It’s fascinating to see London’s changing face across a century and into its current Olympic-tinged state.

The Million Pound Drop

(Saturday, Channel4, 10.00 p.m.)

I’m getting hooked on this show.

The format is simple but effective, and the prize -as the title suggests - is immense

Sad to say the week of charity editions featuring celebs ends tonight with the twin-headed irritant known as Jedward jumping around as though they were on a CBBC set after munching a dozen boxes of Smarties.

Why on earth do TV shows even bother booking them?

Don’t suppose they could fall down the hatch along with the money? Even for charity ...?


(Friday, BBC2, 8.00 p.m.)
At least there’s one show Jedward are unlikely to ‘grace’ - I give you, Mastermind. Their specialist subject would probably be ‘Jedward’ and they’d probably get the answers all wrong as well!

John Humphries continues in his Magnus Magnusson role, the big black chair is centre stage and specialist subjects tonight include Jane Austen’s novels, Elizabeth1 ... and Fawlty Towers.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get the cards mixed up ...


(Thursday, stv, 7.00 / 8./00 p.m.)
Wedding day dawns for bumbling Paddy and wee Rhona.

But hark! Whop’s that coming into the village with a spanner to lob into the ceremony? Why it’s masterchef Marlon, the spurned lover ...