Bob's Walk Day 2: Changing landscape of coastal path

The contrasts walking west on Fife's coastal path could not be greater.

Saturday, 11th March 2017, 9:27 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:58 am
Bob's Walk 2017
Bob's Walk 2017

From the tranquillity of St David’s Harbour to the stunning backdrop of the Forth’s bridges as North Queensferry beckons, to the construction site for the new bridge and the sprawling naval base at Rosyth.

From the calm of the path to the noise of traffic roaring past and back again to the village feel of Limekilns.

Day two of Bob’s Walk saw it all.

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Bob's Walk 2017

The weather was kind to us – the grey skies overhead delivered the lightest of showers at the very start and finish, but otherwise, provided a near perfect, cool backdrop for a day walking some 14 miles from Aberdour to Limekilns.

Once again, the core walkers were joined by family and friends along a route which, from Aberdour to North Queensferry, arguably offers some of the finest views across the Forth.

In Dalgety Bay, sailing club members were preparing to take to the water. At Inverkeithing, the abandoned, marooned jetties still dominate the seascape. In North Queensferry, a huge tanker was guided under the bridges, while along the small beaches, dogs raced into the water.

The path was also busy with weekend cyclists and joggers, and no-one seemed to mind the muddy patches which were encountered every so often.

Bob's Walk 2017

Heading up the hill out of North Queensferry and the views changed.

The road offered up close views of the construction of the new Queensferry Crossing, the endless chain fences underlined just how much has still to be done before the new bridge is operational.

The railway line we passed in Inverkeithing, which once carried thousands of workers to the dockyard, re-appears amid the new network of motorway links.

It’d make a fantastic part of the path going west, but instead, lies abandoned and overgrown.

Start of Bob's Walk 2017 from Maggie's Fife to Maggie's Forth Valley (Pic: Ken Wilkie)

The walk through Rosyth brings the dockyard into view, and the incongruous site of the derelict castle surrounded by giant sheds. It also takes you as far from coast as it can as it diverts round the base, up and round a vast empty field.

There’s no reason why the path couldn’t run through it, cutting out a good mile climbing high and then battling with the noise of the traffic.

Only as you step over the brow of the hill are you rewarded with incredible views of the new bridge with his sister constructions forming a perfect backdrop.

And stunning though they are, it is still good to leave them behind and return to the path itself as it winds into a quiet Limekilns for some fabulous, and much needed food, at the Limekilns Hotel.

Bob's Walk 2017


Bob's Walk 2017
Start of Bob's Walk 2017 from Maggie's Fife to Maggie's Forth Valley (Pic: Ken Wilkie)