Bob's Walk Day 3: Reaching the western tip of coastal path

Three days of walking and we've reached the very end of Fife's coastal path '“ from Kirkcaldy to Kincardine in perfect walking weather.

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 7:42 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:52 am
Bob's Walk 2017 at Kincardine (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Bob's Walk 2017 at Kincardine (Pic: Cath Ruane)

Day three of Bob’s Walk for Maggie’s Fife started at Limekilns and headed deep into west Fife.

We made good time along the route, passing the lime centre and hitting the main road.

The cottages and back streets of Limeklins, where we met a group of morning joggers was in contrast to the noisy trunk road into Crombie.

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Bob's Walk 2017 at Limekilns (Pic: Cath Ruane)

It was a joy to head round the back of the town to enjoy the more scenic views before a short stop for some food.

A brief return to the main road us on the side road to Culross, where Cameron’s songbook kept spirits high!

As we headed to the ancient burgh we opted to add on an extra mile or so to go round the lagoons, and down to the seafront just as the first rains fell and the skies turned grey.

Thankfully the downturn was brief, and we enjoyed a welcome stop at the Biscuit Cafe in the heart of Culross before then resuming our walk.

Bob's Walk 2017 walking to Kincardine (Pic: Cath Ruane)

The western section of the path is a relatively easy, flat walk - its main landmarks both side on the other side of the river.

The sprawling Grangemouth refinery is impossible to miss, not matter how hard you try, while little seems to have changed at Longannet Power Station almost exactly one year on since it closed.

The giant chimney stack and cooling towers may be silent, but they were once the largest coal-fired station in Europe, and still the third largest at the time it was mothballed. It’ll be a sad day when/if it is removed from the landscape.

The blue and yellow arch and gateway with its twin heading - Fife Coastal Path on one side, and Kincardine on Forth on the other - was the destination for a photo-call to mark the end of day three.

Bob's Walk 2017 at Limekilns (Pic: Cath Ruane)

The journey, which began at Maggie’s Fife on Friday, concludes at Maggie’s new Forth Valley cancer care centre in Larbert tomorrow.

It’s the shortest day of the four, with a distance of around eight miles.

The plan is to arrive at the centre around lunchtime to add our welcome ahead to its official opening on Wednesday.

And the walk goes full circle by raising funds for Maggie’s Fife where we started on Friday morning.

Bob's Walk 2017 walking to Kincardine (Pic: Cath Ruane)

To donate visit

You can also donate by text message. To donate £5 just text BOBG47 £5 to 70070. To donate £10 just text BOBG47 £10 to 70070

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