Bon Jovi: They still do ... because they can

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The sun shone, the rain didn’t fall, and Hampden rocked to the big hits of Bon Jovi. And some new stuff ... writes Allan Crow

Bon Jovi: Because We Can

Hampden Park, Glasgow


Ah you can’t beat a bit of sing-a-long rock on a glorious summer’s night...

The days when the Joves topped the charts may be gone, but they’re not yet ready to tread water on the greatest hits circuit.

Wednesday saw them roll into Hampden to wrap up their European leg of their current tour, and they served up a mix of old favourites and some new stuff that probably only got instant recognition from those who have truly kept the faith.

Even Strathclyde Polis got into the spirit pre-gig, using Bon Jovi song titles in their Facebook message, urging us to follow their advice and it’d all be a ‘‘bed or roses.’’

Indeed it was - and even the rain stayed off.

Jovi launched a big screen countdown to the gig although their idea of ’’one minute to showtime’’ turned out to be a showbiz 15-minute wait. Could have rattled off two or three extra songs in that time ...

Playing on a stage which resembled an old car bonnet - and why not - and with some nifty graphics all around them, they dug out some vintage stuff such as ‘Runaway’ and ‘It’s My Life’ while also delivering a fair chunk of their new album. It wasn’t hard to guess which went down better ...

As a frontman, Mr J can certainly work a crowd even if the ramps were only used once to take him into the crowd. Hardly worth all that construction time.

The medley of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ and a stonking ‘Pretty Woman’ in the middle of ‘Bad Medicine’ was huge fun and the crowd loved it, but ’Living On A Prayer’ seemed a bit flat. Or maybe my old bones were just a tad weary from all that standing ... well, us old rockers do need a nice, comfy seat now and then.

So, a three-star gig - maybe 3.5 to be honest. the set deserved a wee half mark itself