Bringing fresh hope in the desolation


MOST children arrive alone at the Kenyan children’s home where Kilconqhuar woman Carol Carstairs has spent part of this year working.

Some of them have been beaten and abused, others abandoned and some poor souls are already infected with the HIV virus.

Another was found helpless, lying alone at the side of a river – staff at the home named him Moses.

Former nurse Carol says it was this ingrained ethic of hope for the future which persuaded her to volunteer on behalf of UK charity, Vision Africa, Give a Child a Future, and spend six weeks helping at the home in Kandara.

The 57-year-old, who volunteered in the baby unit during the day and helped older children with their homework at night, told the Mail: “The charity has a hands-on approach to poverty, focusing on local projects with the emphasis on helping individual children, not only get a start in life, but a hope of a future.

“It was this aspect which appealed to me,

“Some of the stories are heart-rending, but what struck me throughout my time in Kandara was how happy the children were.

“They sang and they played with whatever came to hand, even old rubber tyres, and they never seemed to fight.”

Carol chatted in the evenings to one girl who explained how grateful she felt when Crail school children raised funds for her schooling.

Other local people, inspired by Carol’s stories, have also raised money for the charity.

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