Calling card for Bruce Springsteen - from Fife's '˜E Street Daisies'

Local duo The Coaltown Daisies grabbed a rare opportunity to give an international music legend one of their business cards last week.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 6:00 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 1:38 pm
The Coaltown Daisies

Lynzy Moutter and Vivienne Bern were among 55,000 fans packed into Hampden last Wednesday evening to see Bruce Springsteen on his latest tour.

Having made their way to the front, they seized their chance to let The Boss know their names by handing him one of their business cards – which the musician took and put in his back pocket!

Since then, the ladies have been posting on social media using hashtags #EStreetDaisies in a bid to get the star to say hello online.

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Coaltown Daisies hand business card to Bruce Springsteen at Hampden

Vivienne explained: “We were both at the Hampden gig with a group of friends - they stood for hours to save a space at the front for all of us.

“We never leave home without our business card as you never know when there will be an opportunity.

“I smiled knowing that if there was a space in the front, Lynzy would find one!”

And the Daisies are huge fans of Bruce.

And he puts it in his pocket!

Lynzy said: “Bruce Springsteen is absolutely amazing, from the songs to the stamina. We have the utmost respect for him as a musician.

“He played for near four hours without stopping for a break – we know how difficult that must be and we only play for two to three hours at a time. His music is made even more magical in the way in which the E Street Band wrap themselves around the songs.”

And for the Coaltown Daisies it was through supporting a Bruce tribute band, the scottish-based Springsteen Sessions, that they made their Rothes Halls debut.

“It has to be said, they are the best tribute act we have heard,” continued Vivienne.

Coaltown Daisies hand business card to Bruce Springsteen at Hampden

“They concentrate solely on recreating the songs as well as they can as opposed to pretending to actually be like the man and his band.

“This gig was on our local turf too – lots of fun!”

So what did the pair hope to gain from passing him the card?

Lynzy told the Press: “The same as when we pass it to anybody else...a message, a listen or a gig!

And he puts it in his pocket!

“As a ‘shot in the dark’ as this situation is, we hope that with a little bit of social media sharing he may actually get in contact with us one day; he seems like that kind of guy.

“It would be wonderful for him to hear our songs; he evidently doesn’t need support artists, however perhaps one day he might!”

So have they heard from him?

“No luck as yet,” Lynzy added, “however the more shares via social media that we get using the appropriate hashtags, we might just get there one day!”