Chevrolet tops in reliabiity factor

Chevrolet has topped a reliability poll
Chevrolet has topped a reliability poll
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Value-brand Chevrolet has topped a survey of car reliability, according to new research.

Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index analyses both the frequency of failure and also the cost of repair to customers’ cars, and currently Chevrolet is leading the pack with a score of just 20.00 - the lower the score, the better the reliability and lower the cost. Honda’s score stands at 30.00.

Furthermore, Chevrolet also tops the charts for repair costs - at £195.14 per repair claim, Chevrolet beats its nearest rival, Fiat, by more than £40.

To make it a hat trick, Chevrolet also claims the lowest ‘time-off-the-road’ in terms of repairs, with an average of 1.41 days per claim to repair. Second placed Suzuki’s score is 1.67.

Chevrolet - a keen supporter of and fully subscribed member to Motor Codes, the UK car industry’s self-regulating commitment to fair practice and good customer service - was also the first brand to offer a fully comprehensive five-year aftercare package to its customers.

The Five-Year Promise, introduced in 2010, not only offers a warranty, but also roadside assistance, servicing, MoT insurance and vehicle health checks over the period. Proof, if it were needed, that Chevrolet believed in its cars’ dependability.

Warranty Direct’s managing director Duncan McClure-Fisher said: “Honda has held the top spot in our overall manufacturer’s reliability table for many months, so for Chevrolet to knock them off their perch is a major coup.

“You have to bear in mind that we do not hold as many policies on Chevrolets as Honda models but, nevertheless, the data we do have clearly shows that Chevrolets are trustworthy vehicles.”