Cinderella: You should all go to the ball!

Alhambra panto''(c) David Wardle
Alhambra panto''(c) David Wardle

Allan Crow reviews Cinderella - the Alhambra Theatre’s fabulous, traditional panto - which runs until January 6.

If they screamed, jumped out of their seats, sang and danced from start to finish then it’s a winner.

And, never mind the colour and noise, or the beautiful ponies on stage, any show that magics snow falling from the ceiling has a ‘wow’ factor that will dazzle any youngster

That, in essence, is Cinderella - the Alhambra’s fabulous and wonderfully traditional panto offering for 2012.

The show celebrates everything that is special about panto from the dazzling colour of the sets to the slapstick comedy to the jumbo sized songsheet for the sing-a-long.

For adults it takes you back to your own childhood trips to the Kings to see the panto greats. For kids, it’s a magical, colourful, noisy introduction to the world of theatre - one that will hopefully set the wheels spinning for the next generation.

The story? You know it off by heart - downtrodden but beautiful Cinders meets her Prince Charming with a little help from a Fairy Godmother and a wayward glass slipper.

The cast work incredibly hard and have great fun in their roles.

Emma ‘Soraya’ Beard is exactly how any kid would draw a princess, Arron Usher is a lively, energetic Buttons who strikes up a great rapport with the audience, Jane McCarry is a warm-hearted fairy princess, and the Ugly sisters are a hoot - louder than anyone else and dressed like an explosion in a paint factory.

Like all traditional pantos, the song choices are eclectic - everything from Lady Gaga to Take That find a place in this story - and they round it all off Gangham style to unconfined joy in the stalls!

There’s stacks of audience participation, lots of local jokes, and some touches of true panto magic.

The weather outside might be dreich - what better reason to enter a dazzling world for a few hours and laugh as though you were ten years old once more.

>> Cinderella, Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, until January 6