Community honours brave sacrifice

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ONE year on from erecting a permanent memorial to the five men who lost their lives in the West Wemyss sea mine explosion of 1941, the village’s memorial group is revisiting the site to pay its respects once more.

Although the tragedy occurred on January 23 that year, the group has chosen January 22 to mark it, as it is the Sunday closest to the anniversary.

A spokesperson for the group told the Mail it would give people a chance to place some flowers and remember the sacrifice made by the five men.

He added: “We’d like to invite families and friends of the victims to lay a wreath or place some flowers to remember their loved ones, and though there will not be a ceremony of any kind it’ll be a time to get together again and remember what we owe to five brave men.

“We’ve had some very favourable comments about the memorial, especially Alec’s letter from that ‘Very Important Person’ at ‘Buck House [Alec Rutherford received a letter from Richenda Elton, Lady in Waiting to Her Majesty the Queen] and all summer and autumn we’ve seen walkers and visitors gathered around the sculpture admiring Bruce Walker’s handiwork and the flower garden.”

Many of the family members have already intimated their response but those yet to do so are asked to get in touch with the group’s Jake Drummond on 01592 650562 to confirm attendance.

Flowers and wreaths will be laid around 11am.

Meanwhile the group would appreciate anyone who has video footage or photographs from last year’s unveiling of the memorial to also contact it.

Originally it was planned students from Adam Smith College would create a video of the day but due to circumstances, outwith the group’s control, that has yet to materialise.