Concert to support refugees

Volunteers at the last donation's day.
Volunteers at the last donation's day.

A concert will be staged next week to raise money to support refugee camps around Europe.

The East Fife Male Voice Choir will be performing for free at the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Kirkcaldy on Friday, January 20.

Attendees will be asked to make a voluntary donation to ReAct, a charity which delivers aid directly to the refugee camps.

Marie Penman, vice chairman of Refuge Fife, will deliver a speech during the event, and says she aims to explain the true situation of the refugees.

“I’ll be trying to put across the true story, instead of all the myths that are in the media,” she said. “I’ll tell them how many people have died, how many children have fled, the harsh realities of the situation.”

Refugee Fife sends things like clothes and equipment to the camps, while also organising fundraising events and giving speeches to educate people about what is going on.

This winter has been dangerous for the refugees in the camps. Freezing temperatures has exposed those who do not have shelter, with many using tents with no heating available.

Marie explained that the reaction to the refugee situation had been positive in Kirkcaldy.

She said: “It’s been great. After I did a speech at Kirkcaldy High School a teacher came to me and said that some of the children were in tears by the end.

“They did not realise quite how bad it is. There were a few shell-shocked students after that.

“They donated money, were wearing the wristbands and are donating a van load of stuff.”

Marie added that events have been held around Fife, with film nights and sponsored walks helping raise funds for the refugees.

To keep up with Refuge Fife’s efforts, visit their Facebook page.