Councillors appeal for grit bin to be reinstated in Fife village

Cllr Brett and Brian Leighton in Newport.
Cllr Brett and Brian Leighton in Newport.

Councillors have called for a grit bin to be reinstated, over fears a disabled man could be trapped in his own home over winter.

A grit bin was installed at the top of Tayview Terrace in Newport-on-Tay a few years ago, however, it has recently been removed as part of Fife Council’s programme of reducing grit bins across Fife.

It has left Brian Leighton, who has difficulty walking, fearing that he might not be able to leave his house when it snows.

Mr Leighton has the support of local councillors Tim Brett and Jonny Tepp.

The latter said: “The withdrawal of this bin means that Mr Leighton is concerned that he will not be able to get out of his house in bad weather as the road and pavement at the top of Tayview Terrace, which is on a hill, will not be gritted.

“We have asked the council if this bin could be reinstated but they have said no.”

Cllr Brett added: “I understand that Mr Leighton now intends to appeal this decision to the chief executive of Fife Council, Steve Grimmond.”

Bill Liddle, service manager (Roads Maintenance), said: “There are two grit bins on Tayview Terrace, which is sufficient for that particular area.

“There were previously three grit bins previously located at Tayview Terrace. As part of our recent review of the grit bin service, we have taken one away, with the two remaining.”

It was revealed last month that Fife Council removed 200 grit bins from the streets of north east Fife in 2017, and was planning on removing another 200 this year.