Dozens pay tribute to Glenrothes woman with coastal walk

The group at Shell Bay before the walk.
The group at Shell Bay before the walk.

Dozens of people took part in a walk along the Fife Coastal Path at the weekend to mark what would have been a Glenrothes woman’s 30th birthday.

Terri Macfarlane died aged 28 last year, after suffering an allergic reaction to prawns.

The group, around 50 people, were raising awareness of the dangers of allergies, donning Allergy UK t-shirts with a picture of Terri.

The group walked from Shell Bay, near Elie, to Lower Largo, and back again.

Before the walk, her two sons let off two ‘30th’ balloons.

Speaking to the Gazette before setting off, Terri’s mum, Lesley Black, said: “Terri had asthma but a few weeks before her death she had a chest infection which I think weakened her immune system.

“She was allergic to prawns but she knew that she couldn’t eat them or she would have a reaction.

“She was preparing them and what we think has happened is the spores have gone up her nose and set off an allergic reaction.

“They did CPR at her home and took her to the Vic, but they couldn’t save her.”

There are around 1500 asthma deaths in the UK every year, some of which are triggered by food allergies.

Lesley urged those with allergies to be vigilant, saying: “We want to highlight to people that have got allergies or asthma to go to the doctors, and, if they need one, to get an epipen.

“Terri never had an epipen – if she had she might still be here.”

Lesley said she was “chuffed” to see such a big turn out for the special event, adding that it gave her some comfort.

“She was very well thought of and much loved,” she said.

“She was such a bubbly person and the life and soul – always laughing.

“It’s comforting to see so many people.

“It’s a great turn out and shows much people thought of her.

“It’s quite emotional actually.”

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