Drivers reminded to avoid bridge works

TRANSPORT Scotland is advising motorists on both sides of the estuary to try to steer clear of the Forth Road Bridge over the coming weekends as work is carried out.

Long delays are expected on four weekends in April and May when major resurfacing works on the M90 will be carried out as part of the Forth Replacement Crossing project.

Traffic on the bridge will be restricted to a single lane in both directions from first light until 10.30 am on these weekends.

The weekends of 21/22 April, 28/29 April, 5/6 May and 12/13 May are expected to see lengthy delays while major resurfacing works are carried out.

After the M90 works are completed, early morning restrictions on the Forth Road Bridge are only expected to cause moderate delays between around 9.30- 11am on Saturdays.

Barry Colford, chief engineer, said: “Resurfacing of the M90 to the north of the bridge is expected to cause very long delays and the advice is to avoid using this route.”

Recently the bridge underwent work to replaced cracked nuts on the structure which also caused traffic delays for motorists over a series of weekend scheduled repairs.