Edinburgh Festival Fringe: 5 must see shows

Colin Cloud
Colin Cloud

Austentatious: Underbelly, George Square

Fringe favourites for the past few years simply because their shows are top dollar.

Each day, the team improvises an Austen classic based on a title suggested by a member of the audience.

Improv abounds at the Fringe, but this is the gold-star show for thinking on your feet and delivering a brilliant, lunchtime of razor-sharp laughter every single day.

Austentatious always plays to big crowds, so book your tickets!

Colin Cloud: Pleasance Courtyard

Mind-boggling, mind-blowing mentalism from a man whose skills and showmanship defy logic.

Last year he injected himself with a substance that slowed his heart-rate and sent an audience member to a destination unknown to him - no set-up, I was once the guy with the antidote running through the streets hoping I didn’t kill him before being located!

Now the America’s Got Talent finalist is back with a new show which will equally fry your brains and mess with your perception of reality.

A brilliant showman, and a remarkable, unique talent.

Locker Room Talk: Traverse

A show inspired by the great buffoon, Donald Trump’s gruesome comments about women, made during the American election, which he dismissed as ‘locker room banter.’

Writer Gary McNair was inspired to ask how men really talk about women. This is their words – read out by women.

Prepare for an uncomfortabe night guys ...

Frogman: Traverse

One of the beauties of the Fringe is trying something new.

So, how about a drama watched through a VR headset?

This is an intriguing supernatural show which is set within a sleepover and taps into a search for a missing child; part theatre/part film production, and fascinating.

Mark Thomas: A Show That Gambles On the Future: Summerhall

His recent contributions toon the Fringe have been massive hits with audiences and critics – Thomas always curates shows that are intelligent, sharp and relevant.

His take on where the country goes from here should be fascinating.