Edinburgh Fringe: 5 great ... comedy shows

Jo Caulfield
Jo Caulfield

Tim Vine: Pleasance

An hour of one liners from the master of the pun. Easily the show with more jokes packed into an hour than some manage in an entire Fringe run. Vine makes it look effortless.

Jo Caulfield:

Stand Comedy Club

Last year, Jo used a quote from the FFP on her posters. We were pure dead chuffed – then she scribbled across it ‘’Fife? Is this the best we can get?’ We still love her!

And her show was fab – they alawys are.

Top notch comedy from one of the very best on the stand-up circuit.

Al Murray Pub Landlord’s Saloon:

Assembly, George Sq Gardens

Post-referendum, pre-Brexit – nope, no idea what the pub landlord will find to talk about!

Sara Pascoe:

Pleasance Courtyard

A hot comedy ticket as Pascoe reflects on life after the break-up of her relationship – strangely enough her ex, comedian John Robins, is also at the Fringe!

Craig Hill, EICC

Looks, it’s simply against the bye-laws of Edinburgh not to go and see Craig Hill (and Jason Byrne for that matter) at the Fringe.

Hill is a comedy dynamo who hits the funny bone with painful accuracy every single show.

Engaging and outrageous, there’s a warmth to his shows even when he picks on the front row – so man up if you take a seat within his eye line.

Hill is also one of the few performers who then stands at the door and thanks his audience as they leave.