Edinburgh Fringe: Five hot tickets ...

Doug Anthony All Stars at 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Doug Anthony All Stars at 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Pic: Cath Ruane)

The Craig Ferguson Show: Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

A hotly anticipated return to the Fringe for the first time since 1993 for the Scot – remember Bing Hitler? – who is now a chat show king in the US.

His radio show has a late night slot and promises big name star guests each night.

Anna Morris Bitchelors: Voodoo Rooms

Her 2016 improv wedding show, It’s Got To be Perfect, was brilliant and played to full houses – it was a masterclass in improv comedy, and how to get the best out of random folk plucked from the audience, each playing a part in her story.

Now, Morris is back with a new show in which four women compete to be ‘Woman of the Year.’

Doug Anthony All Stars: Pleasance

Strap yourself in as the bona-fide Fringe legends from Down Under return for a full run.

The All-Stars staged a triumphant return last year, and many thought it would be their swan song.

As always, they wrong footed us, and are back for a full run.

In comedy terms, nothing is taboo, so brace yourself for some outrageous humour, a fair of chunk it at the expense of Tim Ferguson who has MS and performs in a wheelchair.

And then there’s the songs – from the downright profane to the beautiful.

Jaw-droppingly funny, in your face, and brilliantly delivered from true legends.

Choir Of Man: Assembly Rooms

There are plenty of musical offerings on the Fringe, but this one stands out.

Nine outstanding singers who invite their audiences to sing, dance, and join them for a drink in a show that will hit every single one of your senses for six.

It has the makings of a truly unforgettable hour.

Charlotte Church Pop Dungeon: Summerhall

Last August, Charlotte Church performed at the Museum Late Night, and gobsmacked the audience with a set of incredible covers, delivered by the funkiest, most offbeat and mesmerising band you’ll ever likely to see.

Now she returns for two late nights - nd by late, we mean they run ‘til 3.00 a.m.!

Expect some incredible covers, and a groove that will carry into the early hours.