Edinburgh Fringe: Five offbeat things to see & do

Nicholas Parsons at The Pleasance courtyard (Pic: Neil Hanna)
Nicholas Parsons at The Pleasance courtyard (Pic: Neil Hanna)

Iraq Out Loud: We Read The Chilcott Report

Bob’s BlundaBus, Potterrow, from August 7

At the 2016 Fringe, I joined 1443 others to read the Chilcot Report aloud from start to finish.

With a time slot booked, I took my place in the wee wooden shed, each of us moving up a chair until it was our turn to pick up and ensure a continuous reading of every word from every single page.

Each person read for about 15 minutes, and this documentary is the story of the longest-ever continuous show at the Fringe … a non-stop 284 hours, 45 minutes of reading aloud, handily condensed into 60 minutes of film shown on a loop.

Sean Kelly Chat Show’/Sean Kelly: Sold Your Way!

Underbelly Med Quad, Teviot Place

Admit it, you’ve all seen Storage Wars on Dave – now meet the host of the cult show!

Quick-talking auctioneer, Sean, has two Fringe shows.

In his chat show he’ll even auction off items brought by his guests with profits going to Help For Heroes. In Sold Your Way he looks back on his remarkable life.

Nicholas Parsons’ Happy Hour

Pleasance, 5.15pm August 4-13

Festival venues can be hot – but none of them match the warmth in the room that engulfs this living legend.

Parsons is 93 years of age, and he still sparkles the minute the house lights go down.

This is an old-fashioned chat show with music, comedy, and some gentle audience participation - no-one else hands out Smarties to the front row!

The guests change daily so it’s pot luck who you might see, but Nicholas has a habit of pulling in some of the big names.

He loves the Fringe, the Fringe loves him. Go see him!

Museum After Hours: Friday Fringe Takeover

National Museum of Scotland, Chamber Street,

Friday August 11, 18 & 25, 7.30pm

The museum comes to life after the doors shut.

Kids are banished, the bars open, food stalls set up, and you get to wander around the exhibits as well as enjoying an eclectic bill of entertainment which will include live music, break out performances, and some comedy.

If you’ve never done a museum late night before then treat yourself to a ticket –

they’re chilled out, fabulous events.

And you’ll head out into the night with your face painted and glitter everywhere!

Booking essential.

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour: Everywhere!

Grab a headset and join Guru on a city tour when you WILL be dancing in the streets to some classic songs only you can hear!

HIs tours are a familiar sight - last year they hit Victoria Street, just off the Grassmarket and burst into The Proclaimers’ 500 Miles. The entire street joined in, making it a bit like an episode of Fame. Minus the leg warmers ...