Elf mystery sparks acts of kindness

Abbey-Burgh Elf.
Abbey-Burgh Elf.

A small knitted Elf has become a festive sensation in north west Fife this week.

The toy, named Abbey-Burgh Elf, was dropped off at random at a house in Newburgh on Friday, with a set of instructions.

The card asked for the person who found the elf to do a random act of kindness for someone else and then to pass it on to another family in the area.

The elf has been moving quickly through Newburgh, and a Facebook page has been set up for those involved to share their individual stories and pictures of Abbey-Burgh Elf’s adventures.

Sharon Wilson, a resident of Newburgh, is one of the locals who has been inspired to carry out a random act of kindness.

She said that Abbey-Burgh Elf has taken the village by storm.

“Everybody is just going crazy,” she said. “We have had donations to foodbanks, doctors getting flowers, the vets has been given donations. It’s been great.

“I received it on Saturday morning, so I’ve been delivering Christmas cards for the old folk in the area.

“I’ve got a box in the community centre and people have just got to post them, and I’ll hand them out.”

Speaking about the origins of the elf, she said: “We haven’t got a clue where he came from.

“All we know is that he needs to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Nobody knows who started it.”

The elf has to be dropped off at Newburgh Parish Church’s pyjamas service at 7pm.

Follow the elf’s adventures by searching for Abbey-Burgh Elf on Facebook.