Extra security measures for Links Market

The Links Market at night (Pic by Annabelle Gemmell)
The Links Market at night (Pic by Annabelle Gemmell)

Extra security measures will be in put in place for the Links Market when it begins next week, organisers have confirmed.

The Scottish Showman’s Guild revealed it will extend road closures to block vehicles from driving along the Promenade into the fair – to prevent an incident like the terrorist attack in Nice, France.

Billy Hammond, guild chairman, revealed the group had held discussions with police but assured there was no intelligence of a threat to the market.

“We are always in communications with the police, especially after the events in other places around the continent,” he said.

Security for the event will be provided by both a private firm, who work inside the market, and the police, who will cover the boundaries of the event.

The Links Market, which is still thought to be Europe’s longest street fair, and first started in 1304, begins at 2pm on Wednesday, April 19, and ends on Monday, April 24.

Mr Hammond told the Press he believed this year’s event will be as good as ever – just as long as the sun is shining.

“I hope more people turn up and we get good weather and everyone has a nice time,” he said.

“It is still the biggest free event in Scotland.

“I believe over a quarter of a million people came to the event over six days last year.”

Mr Hammond said the event will have something for everybody, no matter their age.

He said: “There will be over 100 attractions – from roller coasters to adult rides to high energy family entertainment.

“It’s the biggest street fair in Britain.”

Fife Council confirmed that the road closures will start at Charlotte Street through to the entrance of Morrisons from 10pm on Saturday to 4pm on Wednesday, April 26.

The Esplanade will also be closed to vehicles during the market.