Dogs come in a large range of shapes and sizes.

All Dogs Great and Small: The 10 smallest and largest breeds of adorable dog - from the Chihuahua to the Saint Bernard ๐Ÿ•

Here are the dog breeds that are small enough to fit into a handbag โ€“ and those that are the gentle giants of the canine world.

Thursday, 11th August 2022, 3:21 pm

Plenty of us decided to welcome new four-legged friends into our homes in the last couple of years โ€“ according to Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared by nearly eight percent โ€“ and post-lockdown demand for puppies remains high.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, alongside numerous crossbreeds, so thereโ€™s plenty of thinking to do before you select your familyโ€™s latest addition.

Thereโ€™s even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Corenโ€™s book โ€˜The Intelligence of Dogsโ€™ ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt. One thing worth considering before making a decision is that certain breeds of dog suit different lifestyles โ€“ particularly when it comes to size.

If you lead an active life and have a house with a garden then a large dog may be your best option, while if you are less sporty and live in an apartment a small pooch may be a better choice.So, here are the 10 largest and smallest breeds of dog.

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