Dogs can get up to mischief if left alone.Dogs can get up to mischief if left alone.
Dogs can get up to mischief if left alone.

Dog Crimes: 10 most common bits of bad behaviour committed by dogs left alone including theft and vandalism 🐕

Chewing, scratching and having ‘accidents’ are all common problem behaviours commonly perpetrated by pups.

Smart home security company Ring conducted a nationwide poll of 2,000 dog owners, revealing over two thirds of dogs get up to mischievous behaviour when left unsupervised.

Whether you’re a victim of discovering holes in your socks (48 per cent of dog owners have experienced this) or return to find your sandwich has vanished from the kitchen counter (38 per cent), it’s likely that most pet owners have experienced some kind of doggy crime.

The research also revealed how owners attempt to prevent chaos before heading out, with just over half of Brits giving their dogs a chew or an activity in the hope to avoid canine disasters.

With pet-ty crimes no doubt already in motion, more than half of dog owners (63 per cent) wonder what their dogs get up to while they’re away – with many considering adding a smart camera to their homes to catch their waggy-tailed culprits in the act.

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Dave Ward, Ring Managing Director, explained: “Pets are family members too, so it’s only natural to want the reassurance that they’re okay when you’ve popped out. Checking on pups with an indoor camera and using Ring’s Two-Way Talk feature to warn them to leave your lunch alone can give dog owners that much-needed peace of mind. But whether you’re a paw-rent to a well-behaved Jack Russell or a lively Pomeranian that snacks on your favourite socks - our pets should always feel safe, comfortable and not left for too long.”

Here are the 10 most common dog crimes reported by owners.

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