First News: Toad-ally ready for the winter

Native amphibians will be settling into their shelters in the UK this winterNative amphibians will be settling into their shelters in the UK this winter
Native amphibians will be settling into their shelters in the UK this winter
As winter arrives in the UK our native amphibians will be settling into their winter shelters, so keep an eye out for them if you are doing work in your garden.

Log piles, leaf litter and rockeries are all perfect places for amphibians to shelter over winter. Unlike some animals, our native species don’t go into true hibernation but they go through a period of stillness or reduced movement to help them conserve their energy. On warm and sunny days, you may even spot them out foraging for food. Charity Froglife have launched a free app called Dragon Finder, where you can log any sightings of amphibians and identify them using an identification guide. All data collected is sent to the National Biodiversity Network Atlas which helps scientists learn more about our native species.


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Police visit to Danes Hill SchoolPolice visit to Danes Hill School
Police visit to Danes Hill School

Police visit

By Danes Hill School

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Pupils discovered they had a special visitor in their Friday assembly.

Police officer Phil Jebb, from Hersham Police Station, volunteered his time to speak to the children as part of their PSHCE curriculum.

Sudoku puzzleSudoku puzzle
Sudoku puzzle

PC Jebb spoke about the work of the Surrey police, describing the crimes they deal with day-to-day, introducing his team, and reminding the children of important safety measures they should take. All the pupils had the opportunity to explore the equipment used and uniform worn by the police force. The assembly finished with a Q&A session, with some students from Year 2 asking questions about police dogs, their training, care and the work that police dogs undertake.


Elf Day

December 2

Last week's sudoku puzzle solutionLast week's sudoku puzzle solution
Last week's sudoku puzzle solution

Need an excuse to dress up as a cheeky elf? Now’s your chance! Get your best costumes out and help to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Christmas Jumper Day

December 8

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Let’s carry on the festive dressing theme and don our wonderfully wacky Christmas jumpers for Save the Children.


A paddleboarder has been reunited with her iPhone after she dropped it in the sea a whopping 460 days ago! Remarkably, it still works!

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