Festive elf returns to spread Christmas cheer in Fife village

In December 2017, a small elf appeared at the doorstep of a random stranger in a north east Fife village.

Friday, 14th December 2018, 11:36 am
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 12:40 pm
Abbey has spent time with families around Newburgh.

Abbey Burgh-Elf urged the people of Newburgh to do an act of kindness, take care of him, and then let him stay with someone else.

Since then, Abbey has inspired countless acts of kindness, becoming a local celebrity in the process.

Dropped off at Newburgh Parish Church last Christmas Eve, Abbey returned to the North Pole, before appearing again at the start of this month.

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This week, Abbey took out time from his hectic schedule to sit down with the Herald and discuss his time in the village.

He explained that he was sent to the village by Santa last year to help spread festive cheer in Newburgh and if he was successful in doing this, he could return to the North Pole in time to help Santa deliver the presents.

And the people of the village have responded to his request.

He says one of the highlights this year was getting to visit the fire station.

“A lot of the acts of kindness focus on people who help,” Abbey told the Herald.

“One highlight was when two children made tablet and donated it to the sheltered housing – it brought a smile to the faces of the people who lived there. Wowee.

“And last year someone made a donation to the foodbank in Cupar. Other people started donating as well.

“So it spurred people to do acts of kindness as well.

“It’s nice to see something as small as me has ignited acts of kindness and brought some Christmas cheer. Newburgh is a really great community.”

While Abbey has loved his time in Newburgh, he was not supposed to be coming alone this year.

He had been tasked by Santa to train his cousin, Bruce, who is learning the ropes of being a helpful elf.

However, Bruce, who Abbey described as “impressionable”, went missing en route to Newburgh and has not been seen since.

Abbey hopes Bruce will be able to inspire acts of kindness wherever, and whenever, he turns up, and spread the festive spirit.

He is also keen for more elves to pop up around Fife, having received many messages on his Facebook page.

“I’ve had messages asking me to go to other places,” Abbey said.

“But I’ve been sent to Newburgh by Santa. However, there’s nothing stopping other elves going to other places.

“If other communities get their own elves, that would be great. Wowee.”

But there is one question on the lips of many people in Newburgh: what does Abbey do the rest of the year?

The little elf is only in the village in December, and spends the period between January-November back at the North Pole, where he has very important tasks.

Obviously, his first task is to have a long sleep – he is an awfully busy elf.

But he also helps train the other elves, making sure the Christmas period goes smoothly.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Abbey-Burgh Elf, you can follow him on Facebook, where people share his stories and pictures.