Fife paranormal group to open first drop-in centre

It was perfectly silent in the Dreel Halls when the Scottish Paranormal team asked the simple question ‘what did you do?’.

By Jamie Callaghan
Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 2:00 pm
Scottish Paranormal members Ally, Greg and Ryan picking up the keys to the new centre.
Scottish Paranormal members Ally, Greg and Ryan picking up the keys to the new centre.

A broad Scottish voice broke through the static, replying: ‘I killed her’.

The voice gave no more information to the puzzled investigators. It was only when the team listened back to the audio from the trip that they discovered that the voice had given the same answer a few minutes before.

The team were left with more questions than answers: who was the voice and who did it kill?

The group have done a lot of work at Balgonie Castle.

It is these kind of experiences the Scottish Paranormal team want more people to experience.

The Fife-based researchers are opening up their first drop-in centre on West Wemyss Main Street, and will be inviting anyone to come along and find out more about the paranormal.

Greg Stewart, one of the members busy turning the site into a centre, said they are keen to share their experience with those looking to take up the hobby, organising workshops in the future to pass on their techniques.

“If you like model railways or art, you can join a model railway or art club,” he explained. “But if you like paranormal, there’s nothing.

“The public want to know more. How can I do it? How can I get involved? Could I take a dictaphone around a graveyard asking questions?

“Yes – it’s about people getting their own experiences.

“We will show people how to do it and what equipment they need.

“That’s what we want to teach the public. I want them to go out and start putting up their own stuff.”

They are also keen to hear the people’s stories.

“Come in and sit and talk,” Greg added.

“Some people have stories but no one to tell them to.”

Scottish Paranormal’s six members are often active in Fife, having previously worked in the Wemyss Caves and at Balgonie Castle, where they are the official paranormal researchers.

They put out numerous videos through their popular social media channels which are watched all over the world.

One of the benefits of the new centre is that it will bring all the members under one roof, allowing them to work closer than before.

And it has been a long time coming.

Scottish Paranormal have been looking for a home in central Fife for more than a year and first registered interest in the Fife Historic Buildings Trust building over 12 months ago.

Settling in, the group are also keen to forge positive relationships with the people in the village and are keen to get them involved.

And its members have open minds, understanding that not all people are interested in ghost stories.

“We bring in the history as well,” said Ryan O’Neill, another member.

“Not everyone is interested in ghosts and spirits, but they are interested in the historical characters associated with the places.

“Some of these locations have been witness to ghosts, spirits, tales – we are going in and trying to find something and tell the story.

“When we look for a location, there has to be a story to tell.

“We also let people make up their own minds. We let the public decide what they think based on our content.”

“We don’t try to influence them,” added Greg.

“We’ll give them the findings and thoughts, but it is up to them to make up their own minds.”

Scottish Paranormal are also keen to look after the historic locations, often raising funds to support their upkeep.

The members make no money from the organisation, reinvesting it in the building or in purchasing new equipment for the shop.

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