Fife remembers those killed and injured at work

International Workers' Memorial Days is on April 28.
International Workers' Memorial Days is on April 28.

Fife Trades Union Council will remember those who have lost their lives while at work by holding an event to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Each year on April 28, workers across the world come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work.

The slogan for the day is ‘remember the dead – fight for the living’.

Ian Waddell, chairman of Fife TUC, said: “It’s thought that in the UK as many as 50,000 people die each year from work-related incidents and health problems. As well as these work-related deaths, many workers suffer injuries and other work-related ill health issues.

“In Fife, we hold our event at the memorial tree in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, at 11am on the day. The attendance has been growing over the years, with over 60 there last year.

“Contributions from local speakers will be followed by the laying of wreaths. This year, our speakers include Roger Mullin MP and Kay Morrison, Depute Provost of Fife. This will be followed by a reception nearby.”