Fife’s greatest gigs: No 11. David Bowie, Adam, Smith Halls

Advert for David Bowie's Kirkcaldy gig
Advert for David Bowie's Kirkcaldy gig

David Bowie, Adam Smith Hall, Kirkcaldy, 1969

David Bowie’s appearance in the Lang Toun on November 14, 1969, was as part of a small Scottish tour – his first as a solo artist.

The sparsely-attended Kirkcaldy gig, came shortly after his first hit single ‘Space Oddity’ made the UK top 10, and was one of two he played that day, rushing through to Edinburgh to play a midnight set at Frisco’s on the Royal Mile. Bowie’s music was firmly entrenched in the folk-rock genre at that stage and unfortunately, didn’t go down too well.

“The whole spitting, cigarette-flicking abuse thing started long before the punks of 1977 in my own frame of reference,” he later said.

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