Fife wedding venue blasts ‘shortsighted’ councillors who veto licence

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The owners of a wedding venue has blasted the “short-sightedness” of local councillors after they were refused a license to temporarily use their grounds as a wedding venue.

Carphin House, in Luthrie, Cupar,  applied to use the grounds as a wedding venue on not more than 28 days in any calendar year.

But the application was refused by Fife Council, which ruled the change of use needed planning permission.

Owner Ian Macallan said: “We are disappointed by the short sighted decision of some councillors to prevent our planning permission for a new wedding venue.

“However we have had a fabulous season in conjunction with Papakata and we look forward to many more.

“We hope that through future action we will be able to hold large weddings for up to six months a year, and in doing so continue to provide jobs and economic development to the region.

“Carphin has been holding weddings since 2003 and operated with a permanent marquee from 2012.

“A purpose built, soundproofed venue would obviously provide far greater amenity and help to considerably bolster the wedding industry in Fife.”

A previous planning application for a domestic outbuilding for use as ancillary accommodation was also rejected by the council who said that the new building “doesn’t enhance the C listed building, in the interest of keeping the visual unity of the site”.