Final big charity splash goes swimmingly for Fife man Sam

Sam Brenkel during his swim across the English Channel
Sam Brenkel during his swim across the English Channel

An Aberdour man has completed the final part of a 5000km trek across Europe after being left frustrated by bad weather.

Sam Brenkel had to abandon the his swim across the English Channel during his epic ‘JOG To The Black Sea’ in September, but was determined to go back and finish what he started.

“It felt pretty good to get it finished, though it was difficult” he said.

“We started earlier in the day at 3am. It was colder and tougher, plus for the first few hours the boat fumes were blowing in my face because of the wind and that was making me feel quite sick and its puts you off eating.”

However the sea eventually calmed and Sam was able to complete the swim at around 13 hours.

“It’s slightly frustrating that I didn’t get to do it in order,” he said, “But I’m glad it’s done now - and I don’t have to go back!”

After a quick rest – “I was only home for one afternoon” – Sam travelled to California to take part in the swimming leg of Uberman Ultra Triathlon in aid of the Maria Cristina Foundation.

“I only had a week in between swims which was not ideal but was probably just enough rest.

“We started in the dark again at around 4am and it was quite pleasant for the first half. The see was calm which was good. At this swim you can see the land the whole way so that makes you think you’re closer than you are!

“Towards the end of the swim though, there was a really strong current that I couldn’t go through so I had to swim with it.

“Unfortunately that added about four or five hours onto the swim, so I came in at around 15 hours.

“I was exhausted, but it was a great experience.”

You can donate to the Maria Cristina Foundation at Sam’s page