Food Review: Brilliant burgers at Monteray Jack’s

Monteray Jacks, Dunfermline
Monteray Jacks, Dunfermline

There are burgers, and then there are burgers from Monteray Jack’s.

Right now, it’s my go-to place.

Monteray Jacks, Dunfermline

Monteray Jacks, Dunfermline

In Dunfermline the other week for the Carnegie Hall’s 80th anniversary shindig, we had time for some food before the main event.

On the recommendation of a colleague, we opted for the new-ish diner which sits on the corner right next to the Alhambra Theatre.

Brightly lit, it made for a welcome sight on an autumnal evening.

And it more than lived up to all expectations.

Seated and handed a huge menu, the first challenge was trying to decide what to order.

Your eyes zing from box to box like a pinball machine.

Pizzas, nachos ... oh look, Hot Dawgs!

Could a Deputy Dawg – great name by the way – tempt me? Chilli, jalapenos and firecracker sauce. Yikes!

Maybe a Coyote Ugly – even better name – packed with pulled pork, ‘slaw and chipotle.

Those snappy names kept rolling off a menu – a lamb burger called ‘Lamb Bada?’ Genius! – that more than ticked every box.

The pizza combos were as you’d expect while there were subs and sandwiches galore, and enough side dishes to send you into hibernation for the entire winter and not emerge feeling peckish.

In the end it was a burger kinda night.

Should it be the classic, or the Desperado with its beef patty, cheese, jalapenos and tortilla chips combo – tortilla chips? Get me out of here! – or The Mounty which rides into town stacked with smoked bacon, onion rings, cheeses and drizzled – yup, drizzled – with maple syrup.

Seriously, just leave me here with the menu for a week ... actually, make that two!

In the end, a slam dunk call – the BBQ Rodeo burger, please.

And it was utterly ace!

Take one beef patty, add in some jalapenos – you can never have too many, let’s be honest – smokey bacon done to perfection, pile on the onion rings, add in the cheese and then let that BBQ sauce soak into every single layer. Food heaven, I tell you.

Who needs Masterchef when food looks, and tastes, this good?

My other half opted for the Deluxe Chicken with bacon and Swiss cheeses – equally tasty, but I did note the envious glances at my plate!

As for a side, we shared a shopping trolley of chips. Not quite the size of the trolley you get in Asda, but it felt like it!

Again, the choice was top dollar.

Take your pick from regular fries to the atomic version which come complete with jalapenos – did I mention they like their jalapenos at Monteray Jack’s? – and chilli flakes!

Chuck in two soft drinks and the bill just broke a £20 note which, for a Friday night meal was pretty much bang on the money. In return they gave us wee packets of Love Hearts!

We were in early so it was quiet, but the superb music soaked up any silence, and pretty much complemented the food. Fab stuff.

We’ll be back, Jack!