Forth Crossing M90 speed limits being adhered to

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Motorists are abiding to the 40mph speed limits currently in place on the M90 due to the Forth Replacement Crossing project, reports GAIL MILNE.

Early monitoring of the average speed camera system installed in Fife, as part of the Forth Replacement Crossing project, suggests that the majority of drivers are travelling within the 40mph speed restriction.

Fife Safety Camera Partnership manager, Andy Jones, said: “Monitoring of the system suggests that approximately 95 per cent of road users are in fact adhering to the 40mph speed restriction. This can only be good news for road safety in the Kingdom, and for the road workers whose safety the system is in place to protect. Unfortunately, there are a small number of drivers who have exceeded the speed limit and I appeal to these drivers that the protection of the road workers is paramount and while they will receive a conditional offer of fixed penalty or be liable to prosecution depending on the speed detected, it is in everyone’s best interests to slow down.”

Fife’s road users will find up to date information on the website which provides regular updates about all aspects of the project.